Identity, Design Values and Principles



A self initiated project to improve the accessibility and content structure of a government body website

From research to delivery

Background Context

Product-Market Fit Strategy

How to create a banking product that is highly engaging and induce customer retention?

How do we differentiate ourselves from other competitors?

Trend in choosing financial service provider

Millennials’ Needs & Demand

What kind of digital banking service and savings product that millennials need and desire?

A digital maelstrom: a perfect brew with millennials’ purchasing power, shift in lifestyle choices and growth in digital e-commerce

Background and Market Research

Corporate Strategy

Business Model, Marketing Strategy, UI UX

  • Spending tracking
  • Basic financial wellness report (based on weekly, monthly spending tracking performance)
  • Relevant banking product/service offers based on user needs and goals
  • Engagement through media and entertainment platform (in house content that serves as company branding and customer engagement…

Benesse House Museum by Tadao Ando

Countering the Past and Future

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