In mid-2018, our design team kickstarted our design system as our products started to expand and grow rapidly. At the same time, we also started to grow our design team to keep up with the increasing demand for UI UX design. …

Background Context

As a continuation of the previous project (See “Financial Management & Digital Banking: A New Proposition”), I was tasked to help the team in delivering the first phase of the project, which is Senyumku’s Digital Banking prototype.

Due to budget and resource constraints at the time, we weren’t able to…

Previous chapter: Part 3: How do we differentiate ourselves from other competitors?

How to create a banking product that is highly engaging and induce customer retention?

To achieve market-fit, we have to ensure we can retain our users by making them actively engage and interact with our product. This means offering basic functional features are no longer enough, we can not just solve user’s…

Previous chapter: Part 2: Millennials’ Needs & Demand

Trend in choosing financial service provider

When asked which platforms (or types of organisations) they trust with personal information, 76% of Millennials nominated banks. This suggests the historical reputation for security and privacy — earned by the industry over generations and embodied by the traditional financial providers —…

Previous chapter: Part 1: Background and Market Research

What kind of digital banking service and savings product that millennials need and desire?

A digital maelstrom: a perfect brew with millennials’ purchasing power, shift in lifestyle choices and growth in digital e-commerce

Millennials, which represent one third of the total Indonesia population and will make up approximately 44% of Indonesia’s productive age (15–64) in 2030, is one important force that may lift growth higher. …

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