Digital Banking: Senyumku

From research to delivery

Background Context

User Research

Method of Research

Survey Results: Segmentation and Profiling

This is the basic persona of our early adopter:

Digital Banking Appetite

User Behaviour in Financial Management

Feature Preferences

Competitor Research

Feature Mapping

Design Principles

Do all the heavy lifting for the customers by making the experience more efficient and easy for customers to go through

Data Pekerjaan di flow Registration
Delivery Address is set to user’s KTP address

Don’t make me think

UI when user opens their camera to capture their KTP
Error messages that user receives when they can’t upload their photo

Banking is a sensitive product because of the nature of the transaction and goods involved (money, data privacy and security). So to win customers, we have to create an easy and clear process that makes the whole thing a breeze.

Help and guide them, but do not use a ‘preachy’ or complicated method that intimidates users. Instead, build their trust by making users feel like they are in charge and fully in control.

User Flow & Interface

Account Creation — Registration

Flow for login registration

Eligibility Form

Flow for form eligibility

Card Delivery Address

Flow for Card Delivery

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Flow for KYC Verification

Help Center

Autosuggestion on Help Center’s search function
User can send their request to activate their frozen account


Branding Strategy

Visual Guideline (UI)